Birdhouses and other Phinney Ridge Oddities

This is my first blog post. I’m not sure what I hope to accomplish with this blog other than just having a platform to share what I think. There is a lot of stuff on the Internet. I recently tried to get into this. Turns out the Internet has the ability to completely warp time. And it’s a huge inside joke. Things that are new to me have been on there for weeks or months, and in Internet time, a week is an eternity ago. Just can’t hang. So I will try to just leave my mark by creating some original content. Simple enough.

I’m pretty good at opinions. Maybe too good? I see a lot of weird stuff. Seattle is full of funny groups of people. Hipsters, cyclist gangs mandated by our Huffy-riding Mayor, 40-something new parents that take their kids to the bar. It’s all so weird. You are mad that there is heavy metal/rap/dubstep playing at this bar? Because your baby is here? At this bar? I don’t get it. Or this. Especially this. You guys for real? Pretty sure the fan section didn’t look like this before the team became a FC.

I like Phinney Ridge. I spend a lot of time there. The Starbucks on 67th displays local artists. Recently, the walls were covered with old ironing boards and teapots covered in plastic bugs. You want 85 dollars for that kettle covered in bugs you say? Well, I guess art is loosely defined for a reason. Pretty sure Housewives of Phinney Ridge are eating it up too. That’s what happens when you pump out kids in your mid 40s. Brain warp.

But sometimes there is cool guerrilla-style stuff. Not just some random stickering job. I had seen a birdhouse in a tree along Greenwood Ave, but then noticed that the house across the street was an exact replica. Turns out a bit farther down, another birdhouse matching the house it’s hanging near. It was sweet.

Now that I have this blog, I will be taking more pictures. And sharing some adventures. And things I see. I was told to run from this blog. It’s really for the best to not start. But this was coming from my blogging idol, so whatever. It’s on.


3 thoughts on “Birdhouses and other Phinney Ridge Oddities

  1. I agree with otherblogger: nobody should do bloggs.
    But if you’re down for becoming a bloggzilla then all you have to do is blogg. That is the secret. And do a few without editing. Or drunk. Or angry.

    Phinney Ridge always comes across as super whimsical to me. I feel like I am lacking in shabby chic knowledge whenever I visit. Precious replica birdhouses? These people must have 401k’s. But I like it. I like all places that make me feel tough. I’ll endure a few “I feel poor” moments to feel tough.

    Stay bloggin.

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