358 and 38


The blog world is tough. There must be some hidden rules stating how quickly you post your second entry. I’ve already been called out by blogger  dude over at Rumorator. Dang, dude. Over here in Seattle we have sun without the sweltering heat. I’ve been busy! I go outside! But I’m committed. So these blog posts will become more frequent.

Sky Fish

Saw the Super Guppy last week. NASA is crazy.


Seattle may feature runner-up tech companies, giant corporations that don’t pay state tax, and Facebook offices with empty hot tubs, but it still maintains a healthy mix of different classes. I used to ride bus 71 from King Street station to the UW while in college, and was always amazed of what went down around 3rd and Pike. The lady sitting backwards in a seat yelling at the man behind her to stop looking at her (everyone face backwards?). People jumping on, making a deal halfway through the bus and exiting the rear door before the bus leaves the stop. Weird hollaring at girls. But all in all, the ride wasn’t too bad or scary. Most of the time.
But the Internet is hot, and has tons amazing facts and stories to be found. Little did I know there was a little gem called the King County Metro Bus #358. Evidently, this bus has quite the reputation for amazing conversations, police busts, and all sorts of characters. Running from Downtown to Shoreline along Aurora Ave, this bus has had a mixed history, including plunging off the Aurora Bridge after a lunatic shot the bus driver. This bus is so exciting day to day, riders have taken to Twitter and Yelp to share the goodness. I highly recommend checking out the reviews on Yelp. Is it weird I totally want this bus at least once?

But hands down my favorite part of the Internet is probably the access to podcasts. There are so many good ones. Got to check out Comedy Bang Bang Live last night at the Neptune Theater with the BF and A Man. Too hilarious, and I’m now a way bigger fan of James Adomian and Paul F. Tompkins. Podcasts seem to be the best way to discover the comedy heavy hitters. You know, people that are actually funny (read not Dane Cook).

Podcast run down of current playlist:

  • Adam Carolla
  • Bill Burr
  • Comedy Bang Bang
  • Todd Glass
  • Penn’s Sunday School
  • WTF with Marc Maron
  • For Crying Outloud
  • Dana Gould

After last night, I plan on checking out these and hopefully, adding them to the rotation:

  • The Pod F. Tompkast
  • Anything with James Adomian. I’m now obsessed and must hear his Huell Howser


Headed out to Exit 38 to hike after work Monday while two of my friends rock climbed. I recently set up my friend Zach (friends since 1st grade) and my co-worker (newly appointed BFF) Joe. It was a fun opportunity to get outside and take some pictures while hanging with two good friends. I’m pretty sure my friend Joe thinks I am a plastic bottle hoarder that doesn’t cut up those things that hold six packs together. We had a lively conversation about environmental practices on our way up to North Bend. Turns out, he refills his shampoo bottles at PCC and washes out his Ziplock bags for reuse. I had two plastic bottles of water in my bag that I immediately regretted bringing. He’s definitely committed to the planet, and I enjoy his positive outlook that one person can make a change. Even if I think washing out Ziplock bags is funny. Some Pics:

Pain Report

I hurt my knee twice about a year and a half ago. Both instances while snowboarding. The first I was hiking at Mission Ridge and somehow tore my MCL. Felt a pop, and then it was swollen. After getting it checked out, they said it wasn’t completely torn so I figured I’d keep boarding. The second injury happened a few weeks later when I was traversing above Campbell basin off chair 6 at Crystal Mountain. I was moving pretty quick and caught an edge on  a rock hidden under some windblown snow. I went knee first into the rock, and by the next day, it completely bruised (this is just the peripheral bruising, not the spot of impact aka knee cap):

I have been trying everything to fix my knee ever since. Doctor. Physical Therapy. Personal Trainer. Working out out on my own.  Not doing anything to let it rest. Unfortunately, all of this did, well, pretty much nothing. And protecting the knee basically lead to a locked up hamstring and back. LOCKED UP TIGHT. For over a YEAR! It has been pretty brutal, and has really limited a lot of my fun. However, I’ve been going to a chiropractor and massage therapist for the last month, and for the first time in a long time,  I’ve been feeling great. Which will be really helpful going forward: I can start hitting the gym almost daily like I used to, and I plan on starting to run around the lake soon. All with one big goal in mind: I want to win the women’s category of Splitboarding at Vertfest 2013. You basically tour to the top of Alpental, assemble your split, and race to the finish line. While skiers do two laps, splitboarders only do one. Last year only one girl competed with a time well over two hours and much slower than some of the two lap skiers, so I’m thinking if I start training now, I’ll be able to really smoke up the hill. So this is my official announcement. VERTFEST! Totally not my scene, but I think it’s a great goal for me.


Heading over to Lake Wenatchee Friday night and then on to Cle Elum Saturday morning for a hike. Should be a fun outing with lots of amazing picture opportunities (peaks and flowers). Pretty stoked.



2 thoughts on “358 and 38

  1. Comedy podcasts are the greatest thing on earth.
    Splitting up alpental is possible. We did it per season and well, we did it. Split racing is insane.

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