Blogging for Beginners

Turns out this blogging thing is tough! I’m going to blame it on sitting at a computer all day at work, and not wanting to sit at one when I get home. Seattle summers are really nice, and it’s totally worth getting outside when you can. Plus, I still have more recent blog entries than this guy, so I can feel good about that.

Metro #5

Two Saturdays ago was the season opener for the Huskies. Lance and I decided to ride the bus to the game since the #5 stops right outside his condo, and it’s way easier than driving or parking at CenturyLink Field. The seats are in the club level, which immediately made me realize how the people that usually tailgate on the south side of Husky Stadium live. Wine bar with fancy wine dispensing machines that serves $100 a glass glasses of wine? Jesus. Naturally I bought the cheapest glass of red they have ($13), but totally felt judged. It’s pretty cool though. Great views of the city and nice lounges to hang in. We are sitting by some pretty rowdy and fun peeps this year, and not the stuffy people from the previous two years, so it should be a good season.

The bus ride home was definitely the most interesting part. Seattle was also experiencing PAX and Bumbershoot that weekend, so the fellow riders were top notch.

In third place: group of boys with their PAX schwag. Wizard hats, magic the gathering backpacks, giant nerd posters. I heard on the radio later that all that stuff is now on eBay.

In second place: excessively loud and drunk lady who sounded like she was 60 but was probably only 25. She was telling random guy she met on the bus all about her alcoholism, only it wasn’t alcoholism in her mind, just that she really really really likes to drink. Also, turns out declaring how drunk you are is still the number one mating call, as random guy decided to take advantage of the situation and get off at her stop.

But none of these people could beat guy in cable knit sweater. He and his friends had just got done at The Funhouse (I thought that place was closing). He had long, scraggly hair that matched his long, scraggly beard. He was swaying back and forth, and was given one of the sideways seats at the front of the bus. Being in the first row of the forward-facing seats, I was treated to a front-row view! As he goes in and out of consciousness, his friend sits down beside him. He leans over to his friend and asks:

  • Guy: Did I embarrass you in front of your friends tonight?
  • Friend: No, it’s fine. It was just normal drunkenness, and everyone was laughing with you, not at you. There were some funny moments, but it was fine.
  • Guy: Ok good.

He then raises his hand to his mouth, and starts making the loudest gargling, choking, gnarly sound ever and proceeds to throw up into his hand, and then rub it into his beard. Repeated 3 times. While people are sprinting to the back of the bus in disgust. He then leans over to his buddy and says:

  • Guy: I should be embarrassed of that, right?
  • Friend: Yes

I was so sad my iPhone died.

The next day, we headed over to the Gorge to see my favorite band, The Dave Matthews Band! I go to the Gorge every year, and almost missed out this year with a herniated disc in my back (stuck in bed for 2.5 weeks, thank god for my chiropractor and massage therapist!!). But I started feeling better, and decided I had to do it.

It was epic! We decided to invest in a box with 6 other friends, which proved to be the best decision ever. No standing on the giant hill, and full bar/food service. Combined with an amazing view and indoor plumbing, it was pretty spectacular, and probably the new norm for every year.

I love me some Dave.


It may be fall, but I’m already thinking about winter. And what gear I need. I can’t help it. Being surrounded by gear all the time, it’s a constant, what’s cool? What are you getting? That new board is soooooo sweet. Last year at the Mission Ridge demo, I found a few set-up I really liked:

  • Burton Root with the Escapade EST bindings
  • Arbor Coda with Ride Fame bindings
  • The new Arbor Splitboard: looks way cooler than my K2 split

I know I don’t need a new board, but I would totally have fun on a new board. But I’m trying to be responsible and not buy to just buy. So right now my to-buy list is two items deep: snow tires and new boots. I can’t wait to get on the snow again. It has been too long.


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