Take a Picture

I really love photography. Not in the, I think I’ll try to be a professional photographer way. I think that’s a tough market to break into, and you have to be extremely self promoting to make it. My interest lies in getting shots of things I think are beautiful, and sharing them with friends and family. I like to print out pictures and give them to people. I like to Instagram pictures and share them with people across the world that I’ll never meet. It’s all fun to me, and it’s a hobby that I’ve now stuck with for a couple of years.

I got a really cool camera for Christmas a few years ago, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s the Sony NEX-5, and it’s one of those Micro 4/3 cameras that take D-SLR quality shots. The plus side of this camera is that it’s way smaller than a traditional D-SLR. Here’s the set-up:

Sony NEX-5 with the 18-55mm lens

The 16mm pancake lens

The 55-210mm lens

Between these 3 lens, I feel like I can capture most things. The 55-210 lens has been awesome for far-off landscape shots, while the 16mm is great for wide-angle shots. I also have a wide-angle adapter that attaches to the 16mm lens for an even wider shot. My favorite part of this camera is how easy it is to stash in a pack or a pocket. It’s perfect for hiking, snowboarding, and just having with me daily. I love this camera.

It has been extremely hazy in Seattle this past week as almost all of eastern Washington appears to be on fire. The only thing the smoke is good for is incredible sunrises and sunsets. I gained access to the roof of the tallest building on Phinney Ridge, which gave me a great place to set up the camera and take some pics.

Sunset shot from Friday Night

Saturday morning I got up early figuring the sunrise would be pretty cool too. Here’s dawn, and after the sun is up.

It was a really beautiful morning. All thanks to the smoke on the Eastside.

Here’s what it looked like heading through the canyon towards Leavenworth (iPhone Pic).

And here’s what it looked like going over Blewett Pass (closer to the fires).

It hasn’t really been that windy, which is awesome for fighting the fires, but bad for the air quality. The smoke is sort of just lingering over there (and here in Seattle).

Weekend Wrap Up

My quick trip to Lake Wenatchee Thursday and Friday was the start of the busy weekend. The Huskies played destroyed Portland state on Saturday, with a final score of 52-13. I guess the Huskies playing Portland state is similar to LSU playing the Huskies. After the game, headed back to Phinney Ridge via the #358 (wasn’t as exciting as I hoped), and then headed back downtown for The Head and the Heart show at the Paramount. Met up with friends Kim and Ryan at the Hyatt at Olive bar called Urbane, and then hit the show. It was great!


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