Catching Up

I had some high hopes when I first launched this blog, mainly that I’d really be into it and would blog all the time. But you can never predict the route life takes, and I slowly stopped posting. Right after I started this blog, I also launched another blog where I post pictures from different adventures. Because photography is something I really love, it has been easy to keep that one going. However, I’ve maintained my avid blog reading lifestyle, and a recent rash of blog posts regarding “The Trouble of Snowboarding” has me reconsidering my blogging absence, because come on, blogging is actually really fun, right?

Let’s summarize the Crystal Mountain Vs. Snowboarding firestorm sweeping the PNW. I know it’s been done a few times now, but here’s the stuff I’ve enjoyed.

1. Everyone knows Crystal Mountain tries to be an elitist, skier “resort”. They have for years. I grew up in the south sound, and always had fun riding Crystal, but I still knew, if I was going there, I was most likely going to get told to wear a leash. Or hear a snide remark form a skier. It’s all good though, that’s why I’ve always maintained pass status at The Pass. But Crystal has fun terrain, and some of my most memorable powder days are hiking Southback or Northway (before there was a lift!) and getting some amazing turns.  Plus, they’re charging 74 dollars if you want to ride the Gondola. I’ll take REX and save the 8 dollars to pay for half a hot chocolate in your fancy lodge.

1b. Skiers are skiers. Some skiers are cool. A lot think they are experts and/or entitled to the hill. I’ve been told a few times by skier friends they’ll meet up with me after they get some pow runs. I don’t roll that way. It’s cool, you can think you’re better than snowboarders, or you’re expert or hardcore. But I’m not going to the hill with you.

2. About a month ago, Kim Kircher, ski patroller/wife of Crystal Mountain owner blogged about the trouble with snowboarding. I first heard about this from a friend who left a comment on it, saying Crystal Mountain has always been a turtleneck resort, and this isn’t new news that snowboarding is looked down on there. Little did I know this was going to take the PNW nets by storm. I’m especially surprised snowboarders are so up in arms. I mean, come on, are we all surprised Medina-living, seaplane-owning, Kim Kircher has an elitist attitude? This shouldn’t be a surprise to the blogosphere.

3. A-man summed it up pretty well. Followed by the surfers over at nwBroweather. And then A-man steered me to this guy, with a hilarious story about meeting them in a restaurant. Turns out Kim Kircher is now patrolling the blogs, leaving comments on posts about her. It’s cool, but as much as you try to defend yourself on the Internet, it’s not worth it. Plus, she took down her original post, and reposted a new post saying: “By taking it down I’m not apologizing for my opinions only trying to put an end to what’s become a vicious, unhealthy debate. Some might react negatively to me taking down this post, saying that I’m backsliding and not owning my opinions. I can already hear it now. But like I said above, I’m just trying to stop what’s grown into a tool to fuel the skiing vs snowboarding debate, and no one wants to go back to the bad old days.”

Comment section closed. Nothing to see on her blog. Problem solved everyone!

4. Has anyone noticed the comment sections can be more fun than the posts sometimes?

So that’s that. In Internet time, this has gone on long enough. Time to end it. Winter is over anyway.

Speaking of winter being over: I’m totally excited for summer. I’ve already been hiking twice this month, and I’ve been doing spin classes at a local community fitness center to prepare for my entry into the world of mountain biking. My trip to Hawaii made me realize how great it is spending all day outside, and I’m really going to try to make the most out of this summer.




One thought on “Catching Up

  1. “Has anyone noticed the comment sections can be more fun than the posts sometimes?” eXactly. I used to click on “is she filthy” daily, not for the amateur nakey photos of people doing gnarly stuff, but because of the comments. Shit was FUN KNEE. Same reason I read Playboy. The articles of course. Nice sum up btw.

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