Burglary vs Robbery

I wasn’t home, therefore it was a burglary. If it was in progress, while I was there, it would have been a robbery.

A week ago, they pounded on my door, same time, same day. I guess they were casing it. It was planned.

Here’s the lists of goods swiped:

MacBook Pro Retina Display laptop

Iphone Charger

Apple USB SuperDrive

Jar of change

Apple headphones


Including: all jewelry from ex bf, all jewelry from mom, all stuff I’ve ever bought. All gone. ALL OF IT. All I have left is this wooden necklace I got in Hawaii that symbolizes new beginnings. So i guess that makes sense.

Anyway, bottom line is, lots of stuff was stolen. And I’ll blog again once I get a new computer.

See you then.


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