Seattle May Day

The other night I was watching this new show on HBO called VICE. It’s a fascinating show that covers international stories that don’t generally get a lot of press here in the US. One story talked about the current unrest in Athens, Greece, where a Nationalist party (read Fascist) is currently gaining strength and, it seems, working behind the scenes with the Greek police. There are ongoing street battles with European youth that are protesting the rise of Fascism in Greece, and the unfair treatment of immigrants living in Athens.

As I was watching this show, I was thinking to myself, wow, it must be weird/scary to live in a large, well-known city where  riots and street fights happen on a regular basis. Chaos and disorder interrupting the day. Hate and violence seemingly being sponsored by the state, and a Fascist party gaining strength in an unstable government. Fast forward to yesterday, May 1st aka May Day. Seattle had it’s own version of disorder and riots, although, thanks to the media, police and protestors, it was more along the lines of hilarious than serious or scary like the problems in Europe.

Twitter has been ruling the past two days. I have seen some epic stuff come through. However, I’d like to take a moment to highlight some amazing tweets regarding the key players in yesterday’s May Day.

First: The Media.

May Day was slow to get started. The news was on the street, looking for the story. A scoop. A rock being tossed. A kid with dreadlocks. Anything!

Noonish: Things are quiet on the street. Reporters are out reporting.


BREAKING NEWS: People that look like this guy are not at Judkins Park! Do not look for this guy there because you won’t find him.


BREAKING NEWS: So far this window is not broken! We are watching this window for any changing developments.


BREAKING NEWS: It is not weird or abnormal to call people superheroes in Seattle. This has become an accepted norm. Dudes in outfits. Side note: Merriam-Webster definition. Superhero. Noun. A fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers.

Second: The Police.

They report about rocks!


They human centipede their bikes!


They barricade their headquarters! They rest of you are on your own!


Third: The anarchists.

They cry over spilled milk.


They learn new dance moves.


They yelled at horses that can’t even see. REAL BRAVE.


And they disrupt traffic, break windows, and cause issues without having more of a message than we are here to cause trouble. I don’t get it. But I do think they should all get on the next Bolt Bus back to Oregon.

Combine these three entities and you get the makings for an event lacking a real message or meaning, yet good for hours of ridiculous TV programming. And amazing tweets. I laughed. I laughed some more. And I finally learned what a Maypole is!


Happy May Day Seattle.


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