Blurred Lines

Call me reverend. Or high priestess. Or officiant.  Actually don’t, but I did officiate my friends Zach and Maria’s wedding this past Saturday. It was a whirlwind weekend that probably should have been followed by a Monday off of work, but it’s okay, I’ll survive.

Highlights of the trip:


I was joined by my BBF (best biddy forever) Jason this weekend who is pretty much the funniest person I know. You’re always guaranteed to have a great time when he’s around. And what’s really messed up is that we pretty much have the same sense of humor. We headed over to my other friend Jason’s cabin in Lake Wenatchee. Pre-drive, I was warned by my mom that animals like to come out to feed at sunset and to watch out. Evidently, she is now The Deer Whisperer because those guys were all over the road as soon as we dropped over Stevens Pass, and the drive was a bit slow. Arrived at 11:30, and Jason told me about this new song by Robin Thicke called Blurred Lines. I was a little skeptical at first since I’ve never really heard a Robin Thicke song, but turns out it is actually the greatest song ever made. We played it on loop almost the entire weekend. Not exaggerating when I say I’ve heard it at least 100 times so far, and I’m actually still playing it today although I’ve looped in two other songs.

The song is also a great soundtrack for prancesizing.


Got up and were going to go kayaking, but couldn’t find the spare paddle at the cabin. Decided to head down to the swim spot on Lake Wenatchee. It’s a little trail down to the water on some unmarked state land between houses. First, I lost my car key on a log, which would have been a nightmare but luckily Jason found it. Then, we were climbing over logs, making our way down the beach and hanging out when this man emerged from the bushes on the top of the hill and yelled down to us. It was hard to hear because of the noise from the waves on the lake, but basically he told us “you guys are now past the point of state land, I mean, I don’t really care, but I just thought you should know that you can’t be here, I mean, I really don’t care, it’s fine, it’s fine, but see that green bar with the yellow ribbon, you have to be on the other side of that” and then proceeded to question where we were staying. Okay, guy. We get it.

After that, got ready and headed into town to do the wedding rehearsal, and then the rehearsal dinner. Met up with some of the people in town, and grabbed beer and brats with Mandy, one of Maria’s bridesmaids and her husband Jeremy. Mandy told us a story about her dad Steve sneaking out of his house one time to meet up with some friends and take tequila shots, all while her mom Val had no idea that he had left. After hearing this story, we decided that we had to meet Steve because he sounded pretty awesome.

After food, we headed over to the Sleeping Lady Resort and did the walk-through of the wedding. The wedding ceremony was held on the little overlook with views of Icicle Creek and mountain peaks.


We then headed over to the Grotto bar which is a pretty cool spot, and would later prove to be a great spot for post-wedding fun. The inside looks cave-like, and it has a cool outdoor spot with tables and a fire pit.

The rehearsal dinner was at Icicle Ridge Winery near Peshastin. It was really fun hanging out with everyone, watching the sunset, and enjoying some yummy food. Issue number two with my car key occurred after the dinner. The battery in my key has been struggling for a few days, and wasn’t working when we got outside. When I manually unlocked the door, the alarm went off, and I had to turn the car on and off and hit the lock button to turn the alarm off. I got out to say goodbye, leaving the door open, and Maria came through and shut the door. Lock. Car running. It was pretty funny, although I was envisioning it running through the tank of gas and dying in the parking lot.

Maria was like, “Zach, break the window. This is our fault, we’ve got you, break the window, we’ll replace it, this is our funny wedding story” etc. After declining their invitation to break the window, I called Subaru roadside assistance, who was about 45 minutes out from being able to open the car. We then discovered my sunroof was slightly cracked open in the back, and decided we could try to find something to thread through there to get it unlocked. Maria found a stick that was about 10 inches long, dangled it through the sunroof , and then dropped it on the driver’s seat.

“There’s a stick in the car now”.

We were able to find a piece of wire out in the parking lot, Zach climbed up on the roof of my car, threaded the wire through the sunroof, and Eric guided the whole process until they successfully hit the window down button and we could get into the car. All while Jason held his phone up in the air playing Mariah Carey’s song Hero.


Here’s Zach on the roof while Eric, Maria, Jason and I stand by. It was pretty hilarious. After, we met up with Josh, Michelle, Adrianne and Morgan at The Post Office. I didn’t realize Leavenworth is such a bachelor party hot spot, but there were a couple different groups there that night and the place was rocking.

Wedding Day

Got up Saturday and headed to the resort for hair and makeup. I was definitely nervous. It wasn’t a huge wedding, maybe 120, and I knew a lot of the people but it was still a bit stressful thinking about leading everyone out to the spot and officiating the ceremony. Luckily, Maria was great at calming my nerves and making me smile through the ceremony. I was definitely hoping she’d be more of a Bridezilla but she was totally calm, mellow, and collected. Sentimental moment: Zach and I have been friends since 1st grade and were best friends growing up. I’d have to say the most touching moment of the ceremony was getting to stand up there with him and look at him as he looked at Maria coming down the aisle. Just seeing all the love he has for her in the way he was looking at her was really touching, and I’m so happy he found true love.

Picture of them during the first dance.


After the ceremony, we headed back inside for cocktail hour, then inside for dinner. After dinner, we told Mandy we wanted to meet her parents Steve and Val. Turns out they were just as cool as she had said they were, and Jason, Mandy and I sneaked out of the wedding with Steve and went to the Grotto Bar to do shots with him. We then headed back, hung all night, dancing and goofing around. A definite highlight was Zach challenging Jason to a dance-off in the middle of the dance floor circle, and Jason busting out some Prancersizing moves that I’m sure only about 3 people got. SO RAD! The wedding wrapped up around 11, and we headed back to the Grotto Bar with Steve and Val, Chris and Nina, Michelle and Josh, Jen and Mike, Mandy and a few others.

The bartender kept the bar open late for us, which was really nice, and then we headed outside to hang near the bonfire. Steve and Val said they were going to the hot tub, so we headed up there with them, Josh, Michelle, Jen and Morgan for some late night swimming. It was really fun swimming at 3:30am. It’s pitch black out there and then stars are super bright: something you start to miss living in a big city. Leavenworth is a really amazing place. Once security made their second pass through and said they’d had some noise complaints, we decided to turn in for the night.

The night ended with scaling this ladder to get to bed. I’m not sure how no one has died climbing these things. It’s nuts.


My shoulder feels like it was ripped out of the socket, so it may have been from doing something on this ladder, or maybe the one at the pool. Not 100 percent sure at this point.


Grabbed lunch in town and headed back over Blewitt and Snoqualmie. It was definitely a great weekend. One for the books. I had a blast, and am so happy for Zach and Maria.


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