I’ve been keeping a list of things I’ve been wanting to write about for over a week now, so I’m going to try to plug away and get this stuff written so it can stop bothering me!

ONE: My friend Matt has some weirdly passionate aversion to anyone that uses the term MTB. And since his wife is a subscriber to this blog (Hi Emily), I know this will get back to him (perfect)! He just doesn’t get it! It’s cool. I’ve been to the mountains. He’s from the desert. Different lives, bro.But seriously, I can’t stop being super stoked on mountain biking! I’ve been four times in the past two weeks, and just can’t get enough. Once my bike got dialed in thanks to a shorter stem and pedals that grip the soles of my shoes, I’ve been boarderline obsessed with MTB. My first two times up were at Duthie Hill, which has a bunch of cross-country and freeride trails. Whoever built this park (I guess Evergreen MTB Alliance) is rad. It’s a short drive from Seattle, it’s free, and there are different trails for different skill levels. I swear it’s the best place I could be going to learn how to ride. Bootcamp is a rad trail with a bermed downhill that feels like snowboarding when you’re ripping down it. I could probably ride Bootcamp all day, just to have fun on that downhill part over and over.

Today I rode the intermediate XC trail, Movin’ On, and Dusty says if I can ride Movin’ On, I can ride Black Diamond’s area. So that should be cool. New trails! I think I’m going to get back into spinning class and crank the dial up to get my legs in hill climbing shape. I want to take this to some bigger hills for longer downhills.

SPORTS: Hockey finals have to best the best finals can be. These games have been super intense. I won’t get to watch the next three games because plans for this week have aligned to ruin the hockey-watching experience for me, but the first two games were stellar. I’m a Canucks fan, and even though I lived in Boston, I have to root for Chicago because I’m still pissed at Boston for beating the Canucks in the finals two years ago. Have you guys been watching this? So good.

THREE: Mega money gives you mega privilege, like acting out your parking lot rage fantasy. Also: his new podcast is pretty good. I’d recommend checking it out. Speaking of Podcasts, Jen Kirkman’s podcast is rad. Thanks to A-man for the recommendation, and for loaning me her book. Halfway through it so far. She’s awesome. Everyone check her out.

FOUR: I’ve been writing a lot of snowboard gear for work lately, getting ready for next winter. It’s always kind of weird focusing on snowsports in the summer when you’re trying to deal with the depression brought on by the impending six month drought of powder turns. Vans is doing a boot with an all-over Hello Kitty print. Trying to make the copy related to the brand, I was doing some research trying to find out what exactly Hello Kitty is when I found their blog and this disturbing image. I guess I’m just too old to understand what this Hello Kitty thing is? But I guess Richard Simmons gets it so I don’t know, my theory might be flawed.

FIVE: You guys see this ad on Craigslist? I didn’t know our Military is into LARPing. Thought they were more just into LAPing. I kind of almost want to go just to see this go down.

SIX: Last Saturday I went down to Ballard to meet up with some friends at Tailgaters before heading over to Fremont for a show at Nectar. Second Ascent was having their annual Ballard Criterium race, which not only ruins traffic, but also bring all of the city’s weirdo cyclists out. Parking in Ballard is a pain usually, but when Ballard Ave and Leary are closed down, it’s a nightmare. Part of Leary was closed, but wasn’t part of the race. There was an SPD officer parked on a motorcycle at the end of the street, and I asked him if I could drive up and park in the closed-off area. He said it was fine, I should drive on the gravel on the side of the road, and pull up behind a van parked on the side of the road. So I did. When I got back to my car, I had a parking ticket for parking the wrong way on the side of the road. FK! I park where a police officer tells me, the way he told me, and get a ticket! Super lame, SPD, super lame!

SEVEN: Women’s bathrooms. I’ve been talking to people about this, and it seems like this might be a universal women’s bathroom thing, so I think it needs to be addressed. Here are all the things I’ve been keeping track of so far:

1. The bathroom at my work has three stalls. If the bathroom is empty, the person entering will almost always go to the third (farthest from the door) stall. The second person in will go to the first stall, and the third person will be stuck in the middle. I guess this is also urinal etiquette, so this could be normal behavior.

2. If someone is in the bathroom trying to do their business, and someone else comes into the bathroom, things will go dead silence. And they will sit, and wait. And wait. And wait. I have come into the bathroom before when someone is there, and there is no noise. And I don’t know if they’re playing angry birds or just dealing with angry intestines, but seems weird to try to wait for the person that just came into the bathroom to leave before you do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes I’ve done the thing where I open the door to leave, but don’t leave, just to see what happens, and then there is noise, and I open the door to really leave, and by now I’ve confused them because they think someone else has just entered the bathroom and it goes silent again as I leave. I never knew this could be so dang complicated. From what I’ve been told, dude bathrooms are the complete opposite of this.

3. Bathroom gossip conversations are probably not a good idea. People like to get talking near the sinks, but if the door is shut to a stall, do you really know who is in there? I don’t think so unless you’re some weirdo that’s trying to peer through the cracks to find out who your audience is. Hopefully no one I work with is one of those people but I’m always surprised what people are willing to talk about when they don’t really know who else is in there.

EIGHT: The new hot spot: Frolick with a K. It’s a 5th story deck bar downtown with sweet views, cool decor, two ping pong tables and shuffleboard. Plus happy hour is 4-10 daily, even though I think it’s actually just their standard prices. Never really think about hotel bars, but I guess they’re a good idea. Bartender told us someone threw a plate off the deck onto the street below, and then left without paying their tab. Dear that person, DON’T RUIN THIS PLACE FOR ME. Thanks.





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