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Rode Duthie again last night. Feeling great about mountain biking. It had rained the day before, so the trails were muddy and wet, but it was still loads of fun. I was pretty tired when I got home, and had a debate in my head. I could just go to bed now, covered in dirt, and wash my sheets tomorrow. That would be easier than a shower and staying awake for 20 more minutes. I didn’t let laziness win, and showered before going to bed. I discovered this morning, what I thought was dirt on my leg was actually bruises. I guess it’s from my pedal banging against my leg? Or someone was beating me in my sleep. Definitely makes me look hardcore nonetheless. Right? No.

I’m hoping to get up and ride through this tunnel on Snoqualmie I’ve heard about. It’s not anything challenging or really even mountain biking, but its a 2+ mile long tunnel you can ride through. I love any excuse to wear a headlamp.


Local news is terrible, right? Big news days, they beat the story to death. Slow news days, they make stuff up (I would comment more on a certain story, but I am not allowed). Here in Seattle we have 4 main news channels, but altogether they’re probably equal to about one CNN (not good). Yet, even with their spotty investigative reporting, poor weather predictions and HD graphics laid over a 720 signal (at best), there is a regional Emmy Award ceremony where they pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Let’s take a look at some of the awards given out.

Breaking News
May Day Riots • KIRO • Jake Milstein, Managing Editor • Dave Humphrey, Producer

The Breaking News award goes to the well-predicted, annual May Day Riots. With the whole city prepared for some kids from Eugene, Oregon to show up and cause chaos and destruction, somehow this story became breaking news and lead to an Emmy award for KIRO, who was busy reporting on where rocks were being found around the city.

A lot of the awards are tied to a broadcast and a segment/story. Here’s the names of a few stories:

Evening News (Markets 21-80)
KATU News at 11: Terror at the Mall • KATU • James Gorcos, Produce

Morning/Daytime News (Markets 21-80)
The Morning After the Clackamas Town Center Shooting • KGW • Wiley Post, Executive Producer • Siovhan Bolton, Producer

Feature News Report – Light Feature
Heavy Metal Dust • KING • Matt Mrozinski, Producer • Joe Fryer, Producer

General Assignment Report – No Time Limit
Teens Behind Bars • KING • John Sharify, Producer • Douglas Burgess, Producer

Continuing Coverage – No Time Limit
SPD: Problem Police • KOMO • Tracy Vedder, Reporter • Kiyomi Taguchi, Videographer

Talk about some award-winning stories ready to scare you. I find it really hard to watch local news when it feels like the stories are being portrayed as slightly more dramatic than they may actually be. But now I get it: scary news stories get awards!


I actually get paid to write (you probably can’t tell from this blog). But my writing tends to be mostly factual with a bit of forced creativity. Lately, I’ve been kicking around the idea of actually trying to write other things. Practicing writing. Being creative. Seeing where it can lead. I found a journal, ripped out the few pages already filled out from the last time I unsuccessfully tried to start a journal, and am going to start writing down thoughts that come to me during the day. My kind of crazy, totally out there goal is to try some comedy writing, crafting some bits for my friend Jason and I to act out on our friends. I think this will be fun.

We’ll see.


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