Craigslist Replies


I posted an ad on Craigslist advertising a room for rent in my house. We were lucky to quickly find someone who seems like they’ll be a great fit.

While advertising on Craigslist can be a pain in the ass, it’s almost worth it based on some of the replies I received. Today, we explore how people like to describe themselves.


I am a 26 yr old female looking for a new space since the lease on my space I am in now is almost up! I am looking for a place to study, hang out, and rest. It would be so rad to be buddies and not just roomies that stay away in there rooms, ya know! Let’s see as far as interests go — I like exercising, good wine/beer, photography, being outdoors in nature, being indoors crafting, bad tv series, tattoos, and tons of music.


I spend most of my time outside chemistry training for or playing ultimate frisbee, and I play a bit of cello too.  Also, do you spend lots of time watching sports and drinking at home? I respect that if you do, but it might not make it the right fit for me – I don’t generally drink or watch TV.


She had written an ad about herself that was posted on Craigslist, including a super close up selfie in a 49ers shirt, explaining how into the 49ers she is (probably not the best tactic when heading to Seattle?) It’s now deleted but it was amazing.


Honestly, I’m looking for a quiet place where I can relax, where my roommates will directly communicate with me as I with them, and if our schedules permit, we would hang out every now and then.  I do have a border collie mix who is very quiet and shy. She is up-to-date on all shots, spayed, and just turned one. Attached is her photo. (ad said no pets).

M&F couple

We are clean, organized, creative-type people.  We’re also friendly and out-going, but we’re not really the party-all-the-time types.  We don’t smoke and hardly ever drink.  We love sitting and watching movies alone together, but we definitely know how to sit and have a meaningful conversation with friends or neighbors. (Out at CREATIVETYPE and also, you’re a couple…)

M/age unknown

I was lucky enough to get three emails from this person. He had the best name ever: Wenbin. Here are some highlights.

I need to find a place to hold myself. Your post on the Craigslist interests me a lot, and I wonder is the room is still available? Basically I’m an easy-going and respectful person with moderate courtesy. I like to cook but will keep everything tight and clean. And most of the time, I keep a healthy life, no smoking, no being alcoholic, no crazy parties, except sometimes staying up late to catch paper due. So basically I’m a pretty adorable guy and hopefully a nice roommate to you.


I have sent a couple of emails to you. I understand that you may be out of town doing the outdoor activities or get yourself busy in anything, but I’m really into the house from your picture and know that you are the type of roommate that I’m looking for from your description. I’m a social person, like to make friends and experience different culture. I came from the south part of China and never saw snow until I was here. You wouldn’t believe how exciting I was! And I’m sure I will cry out like a kid if you would take me to the outdoor thing. Although I’m an out-going person but never being crazy and most of the time I would enjoy reading, watching movies and listening to music. And I like to cook, if you would like to try some Chinese cuisine. So, in a whole, I’m a nice guy and hopefully a nice and fit-in roommate to you.

M/age unknown

My name is Mohammed and I am 18 look for accommodation in the family of developmental help in language and I am a student at the Institute of Kaplan …And I’m offline in Seattle, I wish a happy stay, And to continue …


Hello there I am pleased to find your AD here, I am looking to live with a host-family while I go to Seattle Central community college for ESL program which will probably takes me a year or so before I graduate to go to a university. My name is Ibrahim I’m 25-year-old none-smoking.

I was really surprised how many replies were from couples. I can’t even imagine how awkward that would be. Plus, they don’t know one of my favorite things to do is egg on couples fighting by whispering fight fight fight as they start to have a disagreement.


Saw this in Wallingford


This is a real person who drives around displaying this on the back of their adventure mobile. And there are four other people in their household that are cool with it. WTF! Cool family stickers bro.


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