The Most Insane Comedy Show Ever

photo 4

I went to Dave Chappelle this week. And he’s still got it: good jokes, good flow, good stage presence. The crowd loved him.


First, outside the front door of the Moore Theater, there was a member of SPD smoking a cigar. We stood there for five minutes hoping he’d put it back in his mouth, but he wouldn’t. I think he was on to us. Keen detective skills.

photo 1

When the front door attendant scanned the ticket, he said, “Make sure you read the rules on the sign”. RULES ON THE SIGN?? He wasn’t kidding. Inside the front door and at all the theater entrance doors, this was displayed:

photo 2

So these are common sense, right? It’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t be doing any of this at a comedy show. I think rule number one should have been NO YELLING ANYTHING AT THE STAGE. Guaranteed, nothing you yell will be clever or intriguing to the comic. Do you think Dave Chappelle gives a shit about the Seahawks or legal weed? He doesn’t.

There’s a DJ prepping the crowd before the show.

photo 3

First up was Kortney Williams, a local comic. I’ve seen him once before when he opened for Laurie Kilmartin. He did an awesome job. He’s definitely an up and comer to watch, and I’m sure opening for Chappelle was a big deal!

After his set, lights come back on and the DJ is out. Security forces are now ramping up, patrolling the aisles and telling people, remember, no cell phones when the show starts. Lights drop and Chappelle comes out. Crowd goes nuts, giving him a standing ovation. I hold strong, continue sitting. I need some jokes told before I’m on my feet.

Chappelle opens with some jokes about Seattle’s weather and how he can’t believe people actually live in this gray, rainy place. He then goes into his set, and there is the occasional person yelling out something stupid, but the crowd is being better than I thought.

Security is now out in full force, walking up and down the aisles with flashlights, just looking for anyone with a cell phone out. It’s super distracting. There’s a couple sitting in front of us with I’m guessing, her parents. They are already annoying because they are yelling things like SEA HAWKS. About a third of the way through the show, the girl decides to pull out her phone and take a picture. However, she makes the newbie mistake of leaving the flash on, and it immediately brings attention to her. Security comes charging down our row from both sides, flashlights out and on her. They tell her to get up and go out in the lobby. Her mom stands up and says, I bought her ticket so she doesn’t have to leave. LOL! Cool story lady, I’m sure you have a lot of control in this situation. In the meantime, girl is telling her boyfriend to switch phones with, and is taking her sweet time getting up so he’ll switch. She and her father then get up, and go out in the lobby. A few minutes later they’re back, and I’m disappointed security didn’t follow through with kicking them out. When they come back, her boyfriend had moved down a seat, and she kind of yells at him, Oh am I sitting here now?!?! People are seriously the worst.

Meanwhile back on stage, Chappelle is chain smoking his way though the set. I’m not sure how many cigarettes he had, but it was a lot. And someone told him to smoke weed instead because it’s less bad than cigarettes. WHILE HE WAS DOING HIS SHOW. It was all insane.

But the show was great. Good jokes, good set, Chappelle is now totally ripped. I was always a big fan of his show, so it was exciting to get to see him in person!


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