Talking to Strangers


Earlier this week, I called my friend Alex to see if he wanted to go watch the sunset at Jose Rizal Park on the edge of Beacon Hill. We headed over 30 minutes before the sun was about to set, and after deciding against posting up near the other photogs in the dog park (gross), we ended up at the highest point of the park. As we were snapping pictures and taking in the view, Alex commented that he bet the view from the top of the building across the street was great. That building, The Pacific Tower, is a 16-story art deco building that was originally a Marine Hospital, and at one time was’s headquarters.

As we were waiting for the sun to drop, we noticed a security from the Tower walking towards us.

Him: Did you guys call me?

Me: No. Why would someone have called you?

Him: Oh, someone called me to ask if they could get up on the observation deck to take pictures?

Me: So can we get up on the observation deck to take picutres?

Him: No, I don’t think so….

Me: PLEASE!!! I’ll print you a copy of the picture I take!

Him: Ok, you guys can go up there for 10 minutes. No picture necessary.

I think we were both pretty surprised. So we followed him into the Tower. The entry way was impressive.

photo 1

photo 2


We headed up the elevator, first stopping on the ninth floor, where a room most likely first used for meetings had full-length windows facing the city. The security guard told us what it’s like working in a huge building all alone, and how many others have started and quit because of some of the things that go on. He didn’t tell us many stories, but he did mention that he’ll hear people talking when he knows he’s the only one inside, and that the elevator is supposed to stay on the last floor it visited, but will sometimes go between floors.

After the ninth floor, we headed up to the 12th floor where the observation deck is. I couldn’t stop smiling. The view was fantastic.




On the elevator down, the guy mentioned how Seattle is a weird place because people don’t talk to each other the way they do where he’s from. It’s so true, and I’m glad we spent time talking to him and got to experience that great view and amazing building.

View from the park before sunset:



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