Back in the Saddle

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This winter and snowboarding has been a bust. The snow came really late this season. Initially, it felt like it was never going to happen. Then the snow started falling around the time I started my new job, and I just couldn’t make snowboarding a priority. It doesn’t help that there is zero percent of me that wants to go on a weekend. Initially, the new job was pretty stressful, but is starting to feel more comfortable now. I have a lot to learn (I’ve been here six weeks so far), not only in regards to the products we make, but also in the tasks I’m doing. But I’m definitely grateful for this opportunity and excited about the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. But because of the late season and the new job, I only made it up once this winter…I used to go 40-50 times a year. I have plans to do a few days of spring riding in a week, but that will probably be it.

But snowboarding always takes a little bit more effort to make happen than a lot of other activities. You have to get all the gear, load it up, drive a long ways, wait in line, be cold, probably get rained on, etc. Not that I don’t love it, but I just wasn’t feeling it this season.

But what I am feeling is mountain biking. I started riding last summer, but was derailed a few months in when I was laid off from my last job. But now that I’m back to having a regular schedule, I’m all in for lots and lots of riding this summer. I even installed a hitch and a hitch bike rack this weekend to make it super easy to go. No more removing the front wheel and adding an adapter. That’s just silly.

Yesterday, I headed out to Duthie Hill in Issaquah with my friends Nick and Cassie. I decided it would be best to just ease back into riding after a 9 month hiatus, so I stuck to doing laps on Bootcamp. It was slightly muddy and cold, which led to the trails being pretty much empty and made for a great day! I am really excited about riding a lot this summer. The new rack has made it so easy to just grab my bike and go.

Few things I’ve learned this week:

1. How to change the bike tube. In the past, a friend of mine had always done it for me, so I figured I’d better learn how to do this on my own, and watching a YouTube video wasn’t going to do it. So big shout out and thanks to Alex for teaching me how to change a tube the right way.

2. Crank that bike seat up. My bike is a 29er, so it’s already kind of tall. I had been riding with my seat a little lower, but half way through yesterday, I cranked it up so I was almost getting full leg extension while pedaling and it made a huge difference. I felt like I was getting a lot more power when going up hill.

3. Bike seats make a huge difference. The stock seat that came on my bike sucked. I bought a new one last summer when the discount at my last job was about to end, and I’m glad
I did. It was way more comfortable.

4. Your shoulders will probably be more sore than your legs.

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