Twilight Zone

I had an awesome roommate. We got along great. Communicated. It was fun. But she moved out last October because she needed a change of scenery. So in came a Craigslist selection. Former roommate in the downstairs mother-in-law preferred new roommate because “she had a dog that could keep his dog company”. Worst mistake listening to his advice. Throughout the last year, I have dealt with coming home to doors and windows left open and unlocked, 6 weeks or more worth of dog poop littering the yard, messes, ovens left on, etc. Plus four months in, she declared that she should pay less rent (and have us charge more for the mother-in-law unit), or get said MIL unit for cheap, leaving me to fill the room upstairs again. I put my foot down, and it was awkward ever since. It bums me out–I shouldn’t have to tell another adult to do the normal things responsible people do, especially in a house share situation. So when I got the news that this non-communicator was moving out at the end of this month, I was stoked. I posted a new ad on Craigslist, and started scheduling people to stop by. Then I got this e-mail from the roommate:

Hi MIL and Leapedia, 

As a follow up to telling you guys about the news of me moving out by Sept.1, I wanted to email you both and discuss a potential timeline was for your schedules and filling the room. Basically, LANDLORD says that if you both want to stay in the house that is great- the monthly rent remains the same, but it’s up to you if you want to split the rent in half or find another roommate- I assume it makes the most sense to find another roommate. Please let me if there is any desire to divide the rent somehow between you two, otherwise I will do what it takes to find the right new roommate. 
I don’t want to put this search on you both, but inevitably I know that you will want to find the right person to fill the room, so that is why I wanted to throw it out there for you both to share the room opening news with your friends/contacts via word of mouth before we go to craigslist.  
As we all know, it’s a rentee’s market and the house is in an awesome location, so I don’t think it will be hard to find someone by Sept. 1…it just depends on how it goes down. 
Therefore, here is my proposed schedule- please let me know your thoughts: 
August 11-13: Leapedia/MIL- Share via Word of Month until this Weds.
* Meanwhile, I can draft up a craigslist post ( or Leapedia- if you have one drafted from last year- you can use that one if you’d like) 
August 14: If you haven’t heard of any leads via WOM– I will post a craigslist ad. Ultimately you both will make the final selection, so if WOM leads come in meanwhile that is great too. 
August 15-17: Vet craigslist applicants- I can send you every one that comes my way, or I can vet the normal ones and send over for you review
August 17: Set up interviews to show the room/ meet you both
August 18- 20: Show the room after work
August 21-24: I’m out of town this weekend- but if you both are around and want to meet the best potential roommates again, we can coordinate
August 26: Schedule time for LANDLORD, all of us and the new roommate to come by and look at house and sign new lease later that week.
I will shoot to have everything out by that Saturday, Aug. 30. and the new person can start moving things that Labor Day. 
Suddenly the non-communicator had outlined a 20 part timeline on how to fill a room. Insane. I (as politely as I could) declined this schedule and relieved her of all feelings of needing to be an active participant in this process. Fast forward to today–she’s out of town until Sunday, and moves out this next week. I come home from work, and suddenly I sense someone has been in the house. Sure enough, I discover this:
NO DUDE. SERIOUSLY? This is insane to me. A random person I have met twice has a key to my house, and is staying here while the person he knows is out of town? Just no way. I cannot be okay with this and I have been dwelling on it for the past 5 hours.
How does the same person that outlines a schedule of steps to getting a new roommate become unable to ask if their random friend can stay over while they are out of town? It makes no sense.
People, right?



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