Twilight Zone

I had an awesome roommate. We got along great. Communicated. It was fun. But she moved out last October because she needed a change of scenery. So in came a Craigslist selection. Former roommate in the downstairs mother-in-law preferred new roommate because “she had a dog that could keep his dog company”. Worst mistake listening to his advice. Throughout the last year, I have dealt with coming home to doors and windows left open and unlocked, 6 weeks or more worth of dog poop littering the yard, messes, ovens left on, etc. Plus four months in, she declared that she should pay less rent (and have us charge more for the mother-in-law unit), or get said MIL unit for cheap, leaving me to fill the room upstairs again. I put my foot down, and it was awkward ever since. It bums me out–I shouldn’t have to tell another adult to do the normal things responsible people do, especially in a house share situation. So when I got the news that this non-communicator was moving out at the end of this month, I was stoked. I posted a new ad on Craigslist, and started scheduling people to stop by. Then I got this e-mail from the roommate:

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Back in the Saddle

photo 3

This winter and snowboarding has been a bust. The snow came really late this season. Initially, it felt like it was never going to happen. Then the snow started falling around the time I started my new job, and I just couldn’t make snowboarding a priority. It doesn’t help that there is zero percent of me that wants to go on a weekend. Initially, the new job was pretty stressful, but is starting to feel more comfortable now. I have a lot to learn (I’ve been here six weeks so far), not only in regards to the products we make, but also in the tasks I’m doing. But I’m definitely grateful for this opportunity and excited about the challenges and opportunities that are ahead. But because of the late season and the new job, I only made it up once this winter…I used to go 40-50 times a year. I have plans to do a few days of spring riding in a week, but that will probably be it.

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Talking to Strangers


Earlier this week, I called my friend Alex to see if he wanted to go watch the sunset at Jose Rizal Park on the edge of Beacon Hill. We headed over 30 minutes before the sun was about to set, and after deciding against posting up near the other photogs in the dog park (gross), we ended up at the highest point of the park. As we were snapping pictures and taking in the view, Alex commented that he bet the view from the top of the building across the street was great. That building, The Pacific Tower, is a 16-story art deco building that was originally a Marine Hospital, and at one time was’s headquarters.

As we were waiting for the sun to drop, we noticed a security from the Tower walking towards us.

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This City Has Lost Its FKing Mind


I like Seattle. Love it even. I enjoy the close proximity to the mountains and trees, the salt water and beaches. I appreciate that Seattle is still underrated, overshadowed by cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but still way cooler than Portland. I enjoy all the parks and green spaces, and that it’s relatively easy to get around the city, or even out of it. But not everything is perfect in the Emerald City.


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Headed down to California for the UW vs UCLA football game a few weeks ago.

1. Every time I fly, I’m convinced the plane is going to crash. I don’t know why it freaks me out. I’ve never really been in severe turbulence. I’ve pretty much flown in good weather every time. I’m guessing it’s just: 5 seconds into the flight you’re screwed if something goes wrong combined with the fact the plane is going 150mph when it lands and is slowed down by some flaps on the wings (hopefully). The whole thing is nuts. We just accept some random guy will fly us at 500 knots through the air 35,000 ft above the ground and it’s normal. But the flight went well.

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The Most Insane Comedy Show Ever

photo 4

I went to Dave Chappelle this week. And he’s still got it: good jokes, good flow, good stage presence. The crowd loved him.


First, outside the front door of the Moore Theater, there was a member of SPD smoking a cigar. We stood there for five minutes hoping he’d put it back in his mouth, but he wouldn’t. I think he was on to us. Keen detective skills.

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Craigslist Replies


I posted an ad on Craigslist advertising a room for rent in my house. We were lucky to quickly find someone who seems like they’ll be a great fit.

While advertising on Craigslist can be a pain in the ass, it’s almost worth it based on some of the replies I received. Today, we explore how people like to describe themselves.

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I posted an ad for a room for rent in my house. My friend Jason sent a reply to my ad, disguised as someone named Tad.

Hi. I’m Tad (Pronounced like how someone with a Boston accent would say Todd).

I’m quite, really, completely interesting in your posting about the room rental. Who am I, you may ask? Or “ASL?” as the kids say. Well, let me tell you.

19yrs old, Blonde hair, Blue eyes (but look somewhat green in most lighting), 5’11”, and pretty ripped. I do P90x regularly.

So what do I like to do in my spare time? Wow, you have a lot of questions! Haha! No just kidding. Anyways, I love the indoors. Way more than the outdoors. But HAVE NO WORRIES! I know you two are into the outdoor life, but I figure, we can teach each other. You teach me about that big ole world out there, and I’ll teach you about the often misconstrued insides of a home or building. Aside from that, I have a peanut allergy.

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Happiness is…


Happiness is… a new job

I got a new job…kind of. I’m freelance copywriting at a marketing/branding/design firm on Capitol Hill. I LOVE IT. I love everything about it. I love the building. It’s a wide-open loft with giant windows and really cool reclaimed barn doors leading to the conference room. It’s decorated with hand-painted walls, reclaimed signs, a funky chandelier and a bar. And it’s in a rad location (minus the parking). I love my coworkers. The people I work with are smart, funny and creative. They’re designers and developers and I’m inspired by them. Plus, they sing and dance to the music playing over the speakers on a regular basis. It’s awesome. My boss is the best. He’s smart, funny, creative and has a true business acumen, and although he barely knows me, he has already offered me great advice and has been really nice as I figure out the contractor process. I feel like I now know what it’s like to be around truly creative, business-savvy people.  I’m so happy I was given this opportunity, and I hope it last a really long time. I know this is a huge step in my career, and I plan to take full advantage of it while it lasts.

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