I literally just got out of bed to do this blog. I am trying to cycle back to normal operating hours since I just got a six-week contract gig. It’s mentally challenging (aka something I haven’t faced in ten years) and I dig it. But anyway…

I received an email from my brother tonight soliciting donations for my niece’s walk-a-thon at her school. I get it. I did Jump Rope for Heart. I sold candy bars for my soccer team year after year. Fundraising makes things happen for schools and teams and kids.

But this school is in the heart of one of the richest areas in Washington State. In one of the richest neighborhoods. With very successful and well-to-do parents that can probably fund most of the developing world. One time my niece told me her friend lives in a five-story house. I don’t even have friends that live in five-story apartment buildings.

So I was reading through this e-mail, with the “sure, okay, yeah, maybe I can throw her a few bucks even though I’M UNEMPLOYED” thought in my head until I got to this:

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Trip Report: Dave Matthews Weekend


It has become an annual tradition to spend Labor Day weekend with my friends Matt and Emily and Co. at the Gorge to see our favorite band: DMB. This was my ninth year going in the past 10 years, and like always, it was a weekend full of ridiculousness. And because I just got a text message threatening me with murder if I divulge some stories from this weekend, this blog will be mellow.

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I-90 Adventure and Weekend Outings



I grew up learning how to snowboard at Snoqualmie Pass. My parents would put me on the ski bus and I’d head up to Ski Acres, take lessons and hang out with friends. It was totally rad, and after two seasons of lessons, they asked me to help teach and I thought I was pretty cool. I wasn’t.

So I’ll always have fond memories of I-90. A lot of my friends prefer to go to Stevens Pass. But seriously, who wants to drive for two hours on a mostly two-lane highway to enjoy stop lights through Monroe, Goldbar, and Sultan. The drive home from Stevens can take forever. I think I’d rather drive to Baker or Crystal.

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Breaking News


Rode Duthie again last night. Feeling great about mountain biking. It had rained the day before, so the trails were muddy and wet, but it was still loads of fun. I was pretty tired when I got home, and had a debate in my head. I could just go to bed now, covered in dirt, and wash my sheets tomorrow. That would be easier than a shower and staying awake for 20 more minutes. I didn’t let laziness win, and showered before going to bed. I discovered this morning, what I thought was dirt on my leg was actually bruises. I guess it’s from my pedal banging against my leg? Or someone was beating me in my sleep. Definitely makes me look hardcore nonetheless. Right? No.

I’m hoping to get up and ride through this tunnel on Snoqualmie I’ve heard about. It’s not anything challenging or really even mountain biking, but its a 2+ mile long tunnel you can ride through. I love any excuse to wear a headlamp.

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I’ve been keeping a list of things I’ve been wanting to write about for over a week now, so I’m going to try to plug away and get this stuff written so it can stop bothering me!

ONE: My friend Matt has some weirdly passionate aversion to anyone that uses the term MTB. And since his wife is a subscriber to this blog (Hi Emily), I know this will get back to him (perfect)! He just doesn’t get it! It’s cool. I’ve been to the mountains. He’s from the desert. Different lives, bro. Continue reading

Blurred Lines

Call me reverend. Or high priestess. Or officiant.  Actually don’t, but I did officiate my friends Zach and Maria’s wedding this past Saturday. It was a whirlwind weekend that probably should have been followed by a Monday off of work, but it’s okay, I’ll survive.

Highlights of the trip:


I was joined by my BBF (best biddy forever) Jason this weekend who is pretty much the funniest person I know. You’re always guaranteed to have a great time when he’s around. And what’s really messed up is that we pretty much have the same sense of humor. We headed over to my other friend Jason’s cabin in Lake Wenatchee. Pre-drive, I was warned by my mom that animals like to come out to feed at sunset and to watch out. Evidently, she is now The Deer Whisperer because those guys were all over the road as soon as we dropped over Stevens Pass, and the drive was a bit slow. Arrived at 11:30, and Jason told me about this new song by Robin Thicke called Blurred Lines. I was a little skeptical at first since I’ve never really heard a Robin Thicke song, but turns out it is actually the greatest song ever made. We played it on loop almost the entire weekend. Not exaggerating when I say I’ve heard it at least 100 times so far, and I’m actually still playing it today although I’ve looped in two other songs.

The song is also a great soundtrack for prancesizing.

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Why I Love the Internet

1. Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro

First off, this Amy chick and her husband should know using two variations of the same word (bake) twice in the title of your business is a bad idea. As is a half-assed attempt at alliteration. As is plastic surgery.

I didn’t actually get to see this on TV, but I did see something alluding to it on Reddit before A-man sent over the link to the BuzzFeed wrap up. SIDE NOTE: I love wrap ups like this. Make’s my life easy. I don’t have to try to find it on Facebook and Reddit and Twitter. it’s all there for me. So rad.

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Seattle May Day

The other night I was watching this new show on HBO called VICE. It’s a fascinating show that covers international stories that don’t generally get a lot of press here in the US. One story talked about the current unrest in Athens, Greece, where a Nationalist party (read Fascist) is currently gaining strength and, it seems, working behind the scenes with the Greek police. There are ongoing street battles with European youth that are protesting the rise of Fascism in Greece, and the unfair treatment of immigrants living in Athens.

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Burglary vs Robbery

I wasn’t home, therefore it was a burglary. If it was in progress, while I was there, it would have been a robbery.

A week ago, they pounded on my door, same time, same day. I guess they were casing it. It was planned.

Here’s the lists of goods swiped:

MacBook Pro Retina Display laptop

Iphone Charger

Apple USB SuperDrive

Jar of change

Apple headphones


Including: all jewelry from ex bf, all jewelry from mom, all stuff I’ve ever bought. All gone. ALL OF IT. All I have left is this wooden necklace I got in Hawaii that symbolizes new beginnings. So i guess that makes sense.

Anyway, bottom line is, lots of stuff was stolen. And I’ll blog again once I get a new computer.

See you then.

Neighborhood Breakdown

I’ve been living in Seattle proper since 2009, but have been a regular visitor since 2005 thanks to UW attendance. Since moving to Seattle, I’ve lived in 5 places. I started out in Ballard, west of 24th, then moved to Greenwood for 6 months, then to Fremont for a year, then back to Ballard for 11 months (and the worst living situation ever), and have now landed in wonderful Wallingford.

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